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Communication is flawed. It very literally is, regardless of the part of the world you are right now, reading this. You ever hear the phrase, “words are not enough”? Well, for one, that’s not a fictitious statement. It’s true – that’s why our ancestors started drawing or acting out their experiences. Look at the world now, it’s evolved to the point where we use films to communicate messages, emojis and what not, altogether. So, that’s words, music, pictures and combined group intellect to communicate one message. But one thing is always missing; one thing is always different and that thing is what makes us all unique as human beings and as individuals – CONTEXT.



We all grew up in a different place, in a different point in time, with a group of carers whose contexts were all different and whose words and advice didn’t make sense at the time it was spoken until a similar experience backed it up. We all have varied experiences of the same person. Phil is annoying! Ade is a sweetheart. Jemaima can go kiss my ass. But, that is one area of human endeavour we have not let ourselves evolve from – categorization. We need to evolve above it. Just because in a very specific moment, I fall into a categorization, for example, black asshole who didn’t help me when I needed him, doesn’t define my whole existence. It just defines that moment. And, as the human race, we need to evolve past ever-recurringly facing the past when the present is very real in front of us.

We live in an era of depression. It’s a massive depression, not economical but psychological. So many people are convincing themselves to deny their truths because of what society dictates and it really only takes two people to disagree with you for you to second guess yourself. Depression, far from public opinion, is not a disease. Depression is an emotion, like happiness; like sadness; like jealousy and anger. It’s your brain and body’s way of telling you – “hey! You need to listen to me! You need to stop doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” That’s it! It’s your body’s way of asking you to pivot from your expectation to the very reality in front of you that you refuse to ignore.




So once again, communication is flawed. People are depressed. Context is not carried over so how the hell have we all been getting by each day? Well, it’s safe to say that we really haven’t. We’ve barely been getting by, because human beings tend to either focus on a past moment or refuse to let an expectation go when the present, reality is facing them head on. It’s safe to say that we are all so caught up in the virtual etchings in our heads that we let go of the very clear and very certain moments in front of us.

But what does this mean? It means that every single time we get offended, we have decidedly refused to take or understand a message being communicated to us and sometimes it takes a cultural connoisseur to let us know – “hey! She’s not trying to demean you by saying that. That’s a compliment where she’s from.” or “Hey! He’s not relegating you to the bottom of the barrel of humanity, he’s just trying to tell you to be more open minded.” And when we can evolve to this point of just taking the message and leaving the chaff behind, you’ll realize how much helpful information has come your way and you’ve decidedly left it by the wayside. As far as time is concerned, context cannot be fully transferred but one thing that could make our future much brighter is developing an onslaught of emotion translators and culture connoisseurs who can make sure the ‘intended’ message gets across and not just the one our expectation or past experience tells us it is.


Written by Onos Ovueraye

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