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It’s another weekend again and we’re all particularly excited cos the Salah holiday happened all too soon and vanished before we had a chance to enjoy ourselves. By now, you’re probably racking your brain and thinking of what awesome things to do before the weekend fizzles out again. Not the usual Lagos events though; something organic and real. Well, not to worry- we here at Accelerate have got you covered. Scroll down to find a list of interesting things to do during the weekend:

-Go swimming: If you don’t know how to anything but look fine inside water then this weekend is the perfect time to learn. Make it more fun by inviting your friends to tag along (and take embarrassing pictures).

-Go chill at a park: You can totally have fun using the swings, ladders, slides and any other play thing that reminds you of your childhood. Pack a picnic basket, go to a park and find a little spot where you can enjoying reading your novel or just gisting with bae.

-Invite your friends over and have a games night: Playing Monopoly, Scrabble or any other game is way cheaper (and on occasion, way more fun) than a night at a bar.

-Throw a “bring your own party” party where all the guest gets to bring drinks and food to share with each other.

-Spend the weekend going through your old photo album and reminisce on memories; chances are you might find some that are Instagram worthy.

-Locate a local market in your neighborhood and buy some fresh food at a giveaway price. Or if food isn’t your thing, try the local crafts market in Lekki. It’s filled with trinkets and treats and is guaranteed to keep you walking round in awe for hours.

-There’s no better way to spend a sunny weekend than on the sandy shores of a beautiful beach.
-Call up a few friends and go for a karaoke or dancing session in a cheap bar.

-Make a charity visit to an orphanage and play games with the kids, braid their hair or coach them on sport.

-Host a movie day or night in your home with friends and have all your favorite classics from your childhood on the list.

-Spend your time and energy re-arranging your furniture to give your apartment a new look and feel for absolutely no price at all.

-Write your bucket list and try to cross as much as you can off the list this weekend (find a bucket list here!)
Are you gonna do any of the things on this list? Do you have something super crazy that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Treasure Asanammy

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