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It’s another weekend again and the upcoming sallah holiday is already putting us in a grooving spirit. It’s easy to fall for the all the shenanigans that will be happening during the weekend and lose track of your hard earned cash. We’re here again to give you another set of tips that will make sure you don’t suffer cardiac arrest at the sight of your account balance after the long break.

Limit your drink intake: When it comes to booze, you can still have your fun by limiting yourself to a glass or two. After that, switch it up to any soda of your choice. If you don’t like soda, drink juice. And if you don’t like juice, abeg don’t drink anything. It’s not by force.

Try DIY stuff. If you’re like a craft person or like to see things been created from the scratch consider spending your weekend creating things yourself. Consider DIY stuff like jewelry making, leather work, knitting or any other thing you’re sure to enjoy. You can get craft materials for a fraction of the normal fee from online sites like Aliexpress and other foreign sites.

Tell your friends .There’s no way better way to save money during the weekend than telling your friends. When you honestly admit to your friends that you’re trying to be frugal, they’ll hopefully help you fight off spending temptations and keep you on track. Having them know about your money free weekend will ensure that anything you do during the weekend together is wallet friendly.

Stay updated with a list of freebies. Have a weekend file on your phone where you keep it updated with a list of events and stuff happening in the weekend that will cost you little or nothing. Every weekend there are free events like book readings, art exhibitions and movie premieres happening in all parts of Lagos and some of them come with free side attraction like food and eye candy .Watch this space for a list of freebies to attend every weekend.

Have a goal. Having a goal you’ll like to meet by Wednesday can help you stay on track. Come up with a plan that will help you achieve your plan and stick to it. Hand over your credit cards to a trusted friend or family for the entire weekend. Withdraw a little amount of money you’ll need during the weekend and lock your credit card in your office drawer when leaving work on Friday. Better still have it in mind to buy yourself a something you’ve always wanted with your weekend spending and stick to it.

Living the fun weekend life doesn’t always have to be hard!

Written by Treasure Asanammy

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