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It’s Saturday once again and yet another weekend of ratchet behaviour has already begun. The type of ratchet that’ll no doubt make your heart sink when you finally check your account balance on Monday is about to ensue. While weekends can be money consuming, turning into a recluse and shutting yourself indoors windows is not an option. Therefore, finding the right balance is key.

Of course “fun” and “budget” are two words that don’t always seem to pair together due to their contradicting purposes but finding reasonable ways to pull back on finances while still having fun is very doable.  Here’s how:

Host your friends. Rather than hang out with your favorite people outside and spend a fortune on drinks and food you can easily buy from a grocery store, why not make the party venue your place? You can make it fun by making your favorite drinks and snacks and getting everyone to share and exchange.

Sell items to make extra cash. You never know what you have until you tidy your room. Cleaning out your apartment can help your reveal items you no longer have any need for and can sell on e-commerce websites to make some money for splurging. Old clothes that are now a size too big or small, those heels you never really wore because they were painful, or the vacuum cleaner you haven’t used in ages can fetch enough money to support your party animal spirit over the weekend. That way you will have money to spend for the weekend with feeling guilty.

Plan out your weekend. While this may sound rigid and less fun, having all the fun things you want to do during the weekend penciled down is important in saving cash. When you’re bored and have no plans whatsoever, chances are that you’ll be involved in more impulse spending than you intended to.

Ditch Uber. While it is cool and easy to relax in the back seat of a decent Uber cab, taking public transport to your venue during the weekend can save you some extra cash. So go ahead and delete your Uber app. Of course riding public transport is no fun as you’ll have to share the space with random strangers, but riding with your friends who don’t mind will make it a jolly ride all the way.

Keep track of special of offers. A few hotels, restaurants and lounges especially in big cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja have special weekend offers where food and drinks are sold at discount prices. You can end up paying half the cost or way less if you plan and book way ahead. If a little research can help you save a few bucks then why not?

Written by Treasure Asanammy

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