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In our daily dealings and earnings, we all have one problem – Saving. We know that a penny saved is a penny earned, that is, the more you earn, the greater your chances of securing a solid financial future. Truth is, the habit of saving money can be learned by anyone and everyone with a little discipline on our daily financial choices (save, spend or invest).

my kolo

We are also aware that most people are willing to save but do not know the best way to go about it. This is why we have breached this existential gap by reviving a familiar but forgotten local concept – KOLO (SAVINGS BOX).

MyKolo is an artistic savings box, to be augmented by a desktop/mobile application, which would encourage the habit of savings mostly amongst the younger generation, in an easy, stress-free and sustainable manner. The key features of this wonderful savings box include:

my kolo

Speed – it is a home-resident bank and easy to access.

Quality – made from fine wood from Smartwoodsng.

Price – affordable and relatively cheap.
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Quantity – one can have as many MyKolo to serve different purposes (buy an appliance, charity, travel for holiday, etc).

Design – varieties between children, adults and corporate organization (Square, House, Piggy bank, Rabbit; others to be introduced in due course).

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