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It happened almost overnight, all my friends (who were hustling with me) had stopped standing with me at the bus stop. I started to spot them in beautiful, fully air conditioned vehicles.


I began to wonder; aren’t we surviving this Lagos together anymore? What was I doing wrong?

Finally, at an Owambe party on a sunny Saturday, a friend of mine arrived in a 2010 red Rav 4. I whispered in her ears “How are you doing it?”, she laughed and asked, “Haven’t you downloaded the Taxify app yet?”  I was lost. She continued “all these cars are not ours, they are cars on the Taxify platform. We request these rides wherever we are and they come pick us up wherever we are.”

Of course I instantly downloaded the app, no one had to tell me twice.

Taxify entered the Nigerian market in 2016 and has since shown us how to move comfortably and conveniently from where we are to where we have to be.

Before Taxify, the only option we had were the regular taxis that charged exorbitant rates for cars that were smelly and had no air conditioners. Now with Taxify, we can pick up our phones, order rides in real time and get picked up in mere minutes.

For someone who is always moving from place to place – like every Nigerian, with Taxify you don’t have to bother yourself with finding parking spots when you’re having a night out. Your ride is always just around the corner and best of all, you don’t have to break the bank when going for an occasion, you can request a Taxify ride and arrive in style.

In celebration of the Holidays, Taxify would be giving away N5,000 in rides to 20 people on our page!

Follow us on @accelerate_tv and Taxify @taxify.ng and join our 12 days of Christmas!!!

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