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By John Igbinosun

This goes out to all bosses out there who feel they can ride on their staff because they may not be as well decorated with titles as much as you!

Party Season

You are the current LIBYA in which some innocent hustler has come your way. Like the Venus fly trap, you display open arms with enticing offers hiding ulterior venomous fangs of excess labor and little rewards.

You go behind closed doors and have long meetings being served with tea and biscuits then you walk out of same and scream at the janitor trying to grab a cold cup of water from the long hours of standing and cleaning! Do you have any idea how long he has been on his feet? Do you bother to find out if he even has had a bite?

You say of them, ungrateful twats! The lot of them! But look in the mirror sir, adjust that tie a little to the left, no to the right, there! What you see is the one with eyes who cannot see.

You cannot see the help they bring to you, they pick your laundry and keep the lawn trim. They pile up garbage and ensure your office is pristine. They fix your breakfast and ensure you are in time, they open your door and when you show up, they step out of the elevator line.

We thought slavery was all but gone, yes, all a horror of the past. But stop and look around you, Libya is no more alone, the cries of those in pain and agony are not far away. They are closer than our very thoughts as they live and breathe amongst us.

So you say, with witty pomp and pageantry “but I pay them”, “yes, I practically pay their bills”. Oh you FOOL! How dumb can you get? Like really? Okay, say? Let’s switch your place with theirs for just a day. Would you?

I didn’t think so.

Let’s say NO to service slavery.

sad employee in office

And it really is not so hard. You think all they need is raise? No! They know they have not earned that. If they have they would be wiping your sooth now would they? They know where they have fallen short and it haunts them every day. They see the future and they are scared of it, they cry at night but still wake up to race. They know sir, really they do. But all they need from you is a little respect.

We know you are the boss and no one is taking that from you sir, but share the love just a little bit. Did you notice they were absent for a week? Did you bother to ask why? Please just ask why. Let them know you care.

Magic words.

“Have you eaten today?” “How is your family this day?” “I got a little gift for your son’s birthday”, “I noticed you are a bit down- take the day off!”

“Lunch is on me”, “let me pray with you about it”, “don’t ever look down on yourself”, “I believe in you”, “Please talk to me any time”, “that is a job well-done- I am most impressed”

Speak them.

Show them.

Love to use them.

Remember them. Always remember them.


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