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By Daniel Ugbang

When you’re in school, balancing your social life with the demands of your teachers can feel daunting. It feels like spending time socializing hurts your academic career and vice versa. You’d wish you just had more time. In truth, the real balance comes in being more efficient with the time you do have and better scheduling. You can achieve this by being more efficient when doing schoolwork, setting realistic goals and making your social life feel more fulfilling.


Set small, specific goals- When you decide to focus on your academic achievements, anything less than straight A’s can feel like a failure. Rather than trying to perfect your academic career right away, focus on smaller, incremental steps. For example, if your average in a particular class is 60%, don’t aim for 90% right away. Try to set goals that will incrementally take you to 90% in 5% portions. This will keep you working at your goals, rather than being demoralized.

Accept that you won’t be able to socialize every day- If you’re committed to being a high achiever in school, you won’t be able to hang out the night before an important test. Understand that sacrifices have to be made if you aim to reach your goals. Set aside a day each week particularly for socializing. Saturday is a particularly good choice: you can stay up later since it’s not a school night, and you don’t yet have to prepare your homework for the next week as Sunday follows up.

Hang out with supportive friends both at home and in school- Make sure the people you allow in your life are supportive of your academic goals. If they make you feel guilty for not hanging out with them, they’re not being supportive of what you’re trying to achieve.

  • Talk to them about your goals, focusing on finding a middle ground between the involvement they expect of you and your academic schedule.
  • If they seem more focused on getting what they want and not helping you achieve your goals, you might have to start asking yourself if they’re a real friend.
  • Try out some new activities to meet people who share your interests and who may also make supportive friends.

Make time only for activities you want to participate in- There’s nothing wrong with going to a party or hanging out with friends, as long as you don’t feel forced into it. Don’t succumb to peer pressure because you want to fit in or be cool.

Carry your work around with you- As you go about your day, you might find that you have some spare time now and then when you could be working on school projects. Carry your schoolwork with you at all times so that you will always have the option of working on it. For example, you might be able to get 15 minutes of schoolwork in while waiting for a doctor’s appointment, or while riding on the bus.

Schedule your schoolwork- Whether it’s your nightly homework, a big project or an exam, it’s important to use a clear schedule to get it all done. You’ll want to plan out your schoolwork throughout the week, as well as plan each day more specifically; building good habits around this type of planning involves using a particular situation or time of the day as a trigger for schoolwork while spelling out time for leisure as all work and no play they say make Mike a sad individual.

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