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By Damilola Faustino

With technological advancements, more and more people have started to apply for jobs online and so, it’s extremely important you figure a way to do that without making any mistakes. In line with this, here are things you should know before applying for jobs on your social media:

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You need to be active on social media

The requirement for finding a job on social media is by being very active. You need to constantly check which company is posting about what job openings.
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Your social media presence matters when you are applying for jobs online.

Follow the companies’ job accounts relevant to you.

Make sure you are following or keeping a track of what the companies you are interested in are posting about. Engage yourself in the content they are producing, but don’t overdo it either. It’s important to maintain a balance.

Be consistent with your SM content

Another important factor that needs to be taken care of is being consistent. If you are applying for jobs through a social media network, you need to constantly post content that’s relevant to your field. You will be noticed by recruiters more often.

Get people from your field to write LinkedIn recommendations for you

References always help. If you can get people from your field to write recommendations for you on social media, the recruiters take notice and actually take note of what is being said in the recommendation.

Be careful about who you are connecting with

There are people from different parts of the globe on social media platforms and you can’t possibly accept every request you get. It’s important you connect with people who are relevant to your field and ignore the ones that are irrelevant to you.

Ensure your profile is professional

This is one mistake people often make. Choosing an appropriate image for your display picture on social media is very important. Your recruiters don’t want to see how you looked at the beach vacation you took last month, except if it’s a part of the job you’re applying for.

Create a separate profile for your professional work only

Most of the things that social media users share online are always about their personal life. Try to avoid this and if you can’t, create a separate profile that you will only use for professional work. You’ll see people will start to take you more seriously if you do this.

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