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It’s like there’s something in the air this summer cos slaps are flying anyhow. First, a random man slapped the goodies out of Justin Timberlake and now a customer  has proceeded to toss the flight attendant of a prestigious airline a rather dirty slap.

I know what you are thinking-this sounds unreal- and no it didn’t happen in Nigeria (lol best believe the passenger would have slapped right back!) So here is what actually went down, the flight attendant was slapped for not assisting the passenger to put away her luggage in the overhead bin and Gbam!!! a slap was delivered but thankfully it was a chick slap imagine if she had been hit by a man

According to the flight attendant who works at Cebu Pacific, a popular Philippine airline the angry passenger- a woman had compared the cabin crew to bus drivers after they refused to carry her bags (Madam abeg carry your bag jare, you be Obama?)




The flight attendant has however vowed to sue the passenger who turns out to be a doctor. The airline said:

“CEB will always fully support its staff when they have been subject to abuse, physical, verbal from disruptive passenger”

Under the Philippines law anyone convicted of assaulting a flight attendant can be sent to jail for three years or fined up to 500,000 pesos approximately 10,500 pounds-we agree with you guys please sue her doctor head and get rich.

But seriously guys if these happened to you Naija, what you would do?

Send in comments and let us know.

Written by Kike Olowu


Photo Credits-www.viral4real.com

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