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Eminem was visited by Secret Service agents over his lyrics directed at Donald Trump and the First Family. In case you missed it, Shady dissed Trump during his 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards freestyle “The Storm” and later took aim at his wife, Ivanka Trump, with his diss track “Framed.”

According to BuzzFeed news reporter Jason Leopold, because of Em’s controversial lyrics, he and his lawyers received a visit from the Secret Service last year. BuzzFeed received more than 40 pages in documents that proved that the Secret Service did, in fact, visit Eminem. The files contained information about how the Secret Service looked into Eminem’s controversial lyrics on “Framed” after being contacted by a “concerned citizen.”

They also noted that Eminem has a history of being antagonistic toward Trump, citing his infamous “awfully hot coffee pot” rap.

“This is not the first time MATHERS made threatening comments towards POTUS and his family. In June 2017, MATHERS freestyled comments that were threatening in nature towards POTUS,” they wrote.

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