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By Damilola Faustino

People give off signs as to how they’re feeling all the time, and most of these signs are done unconsciously. You might not realise it, but if you like someone but are too shy to tell them, you may have already given yourself away via your body language. Body language is really important, not only to the exhibitor but also to the receiver. So, here are body language signs you need to look out for. However, you have to be careful not to misinterpret these body languages:

Slow, deliberate movements

Slow, deliberate movements suggest comfort, contentment, control – and attraction. Pay careful attention to how someone behaves around you. If they move slowly, it’s one of strong body language signs of attraction.

Smiles and laughter

This is a simple body language that is very easy to read. If someone smiles and laughs a lot in your company, it means they really like you. You might not even be all that funny, and you’re aware of this. But if they are still laughing a lot at your jokes, it’s a strong sign that they like you.

Same walking pace

Guys usually walk fast – so fast that their girlfriends can’t keep up with them. However, when a guy is in the company of someone he genuinely likes, perhaps even loves, he will slow the pace and adapt to the woman’s.

Eye contact

Eye contact isn’t really one that you can miss. Pay attention to how they look at you when you’re together. Do they gaze directly into your eyes? Or do they look away a lot? Anyone who looks away all the time probably isn’t all that interested. But someone who fixes their gaze steadfastly on you is showing us they’re attracted to us.

Bodies turn towards one another

When you feel uncomfortable in the presence of someone, you will unconsciously turn your body away so that you can escape whenever the time is right. On the other hand, if you’re relaxed around someone and enjoying their company, you will turn your body to face them.

Hair touching

Hair touching is a form of flirting. You play with your hair unconsciously or consciously to show a person that we like them. Guys play with their hair just as much as girls do, so make sure you don’t misread his signals. If he starts smoothing his hair down, it’s another one of body language signs of attraction.

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