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Written By Damilola Faustino

The fact is many of us judge a group photo by how good people look in them. That is why we snap a million nearly-similar selfies to get just the right one. If you have taken one too many pictures with a phone that has a very good picture quality and you still do not get the desired look you want, you may be the guilty party for the following reasons:

You are not smiling

Frowning your face and not smiling is the biggest sin you can ever make in a picture. As such, you cannot underestimate the role smiling with your eyes and lips play in helping you look good in a photo. Although it may take some practice to perfect it, once you start smiling, you will never want to stop.

You are not confident

Confidence is everything when it comes to taking pictures. Beauty starts from within, and if you’re not feeling good about yourself, that lack of confidence will often manifest itself on the outside.

You are not working your angles

Everyone has a unique facial structure and body angle. If you are not sure how to make sure you flaunt your angles, spend some time taking a few selfies to understand how the light hits your face.

You over pose

When you pose too much or overthink how you are standing or what face you should make, the camera picks up a stiffness that often seems fake. The reason why those spontaneous pics convey a stronger and more interesting effect is that you do not need to prep for your any pose.

You take pictures in poorly lit places

The lighting of a photograph can really make a great difference in how good or bad it appears. Natural light is always the best, whether you are in a group shot or taking a selfie because it is soft and devoid of shadows. It is noteworthy to add that the phone flash should be avoided, if possible, as a general rule.

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