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Written by Clement Oluwasegun

Mavin Records DJ Big N with real name, Nonso Ajufo has raised alarm over the rate at which Nigerian youths consume hard drugs and other narcotics.

DJ Big N

The music guru took to his Instagram to inspire young people to stay away from drugs and stick with hard work.

In his post, he explained that because he has had the opportunity to play at so many gigs, events and parties, he has seen that the rate of drugs being consumed by Nigerian youths.

See all he said:

“This message is for the new generation… I’ll include myself. SAY NO TO DRUGS. I am opportuned to have played at so many gigs and parties and events. The amount of CRACK/COCAINE, CODEINE etc that the youths are consuming in Nigeria is quite alarming. And I can categorically tell you that most of its consumption is by FEMALES. We might be going through trying times, but we are not dead. As long as you breathe, there is hope. We can blame all the misfortune on a third party, but ultimately YOU AND YOU ALONE can decide what’s best for you. PEER PRESSURE is dangerous and deadly. I speak out of experience of PEER PRESSURE. I was once there some 8 – 10 years ago, I had to choose what’s best for me and ME ONLY. Some choices are irreversible.
Stay strong, Stay positive, Stay Prayerful, Stay hardworking. It eventually pays off. #Word.”

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