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If you’re alone this Valentine’s Day for reasons best known to you; not to worry…why not treat yourself to a pamper sesh by getting a stellar manicure? Don’t worry, our beauty editor has you covered on where to go and what to expect


What To Expect at Your Manicure Pamper Date


If you’re just starting out in the manicure world, you might want to pause before lunging into nail extensions.

Here’s how you could achieve a perfect first-ever manicure.


Get your mindset at ease and decide which type of manicure your purse can take!

Will you opt to get your manicure at your neighborhood  nail lady’s spot?


Or maybe at a boutique nail bar such as The Nail Diaries which offers stellar customer service, alongside complementary snacks or drinks


a spa such as The Triplets Studio

(I highly recommend this if it’s your birthday or you’ve got something major to celebrate…you could pick this option and get more pampering because The Triplet’s Studio

spa health

also has add on massages and other services to the package)


Wherever you choose just  ensure you stay masked and arrive with all your personal items such as clippers and cuticle removers just in case.

These are the steps to look forward to

Step 1: Release Any Old Polish

You’ll start with having any current nail polish removed if you’ve had your nails done before this.

Step 2: Shape And File

Next, it’s time to shape and file. Some nails will break much easier if they are shaped wrong so go with the natural shape of your nail to ensure they stay strong and healthy.

Step 3: Release Any Old Polish

After shaping your nails, the nail technician will apply an oil like substance called a cuticle softener on the U-part of your nails after which your cuticles will be pushed down.

This part has always been intriguing to me for some reason;

a lot of people prefer for the cuticles to be cut,  but regularly cutting your cuticles can lead to jagged edges when they grow back in, so don’t make it a constant thing.

Step 4: The Nail Polish Application 

Now it is time for nail polish, after a quick hand massage, your manicurist will pop the big question

What colour do you want?


I always have a hard decision when it comes to this part

constantly being wowed by the selection

Be less like me and stand your ground.

The Real Question Though

Gel or normal polish?

Gel tends to be more expensive than normal polish but the benefits of opting for gel polish is the rápid drying phase courtesy the UV machines specifically made to help dry and harden the nail polish.

Once applied, drying will take about 10-15 minutes et voila!

However, for normal polish, even putting your hands in the fan nail dryer will have you sitting still for at least 35 -40 minutes so be prepared.


 You must be very careful with your nails for hours after your appointment. It’s a huge pain to get a manicure and then have the polish chip a few hours later.

However, if that does happen, call your salon immediately if you can because most times they’ll let you come back for a quick fix.

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono


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