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Nigeria being Nigeria, a senator has recently publicly suggested that the offence of corruption should be backed by a sanction of the death penalty.

In an interview with News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja on Friday, a lawmaker, Gbolahan Dada (APC-Ogun West) advocated for capital punishment for corrupt officials in the country.

The lawmaker who spoke with much passion said “corruption is the bane of this country and the only way out is heavy penalty, even death sentence, for those found guilty. The only way you can stop corruption is through death sentence”.

The report states that, the law maker noted that there were so many laws that should be promulgated at this stage of Nigeria’s development, pointing out that England did so too at a stage in her life.

It is also reported he accused civil servants of being the major culprits, pointing out that they had access to public funds which made it easy for them to steal from the national treasury.

This is why some of them, after stealing so much money from government, set up personal businesses but collapse soon after because they only know how to steal, not to create wealth.

“That is why you find houses everywhere unoccupied because they steal this money and they ask the contractor to go and build houses for them.  “If you borrowed money from the bank will you be able to lock up the houses unoccupied,” he asked.

Mr. Dada urged the Federal Government to impose property tax on all unoccupied houses in the country, promising that he would soon sponsor a bill to identify who owns each building in the country using modern platforms on the internet.

These include Bank Verification Numbers, E-passports, GSM numbers, company registration numbers, national identity card numbers, driver’s license and DNA, to know who owns which building in Nigeria.

He said Nigeria was gradually getting to the stage the Republic of Liberia was when the war broke out. “The major danger here is the large population of youths who are unemployed.

“When you have a large population of youths who are under-educated, under-housed, under-developed and you have a handful minority in the ruling elite class monopolising the government apparatus, you are courting trouble. “The land is not expanding, yet population is increasing.

We had an opportunity to turn Nigeria into a productive economy for 40 years but we wasted the opportunity. All the money made from oil was wasted. We have no petro-chemical industry, now we import virtually everything.

The few industries that were left by the colonial European administration have all collapsed,” the lawmaker said.

Mr. Dada said that was a great mistake and that Europeans should have been left to run their industries while Nigerians took over governance.


Written by Okolo Ezinne

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