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The 1990s was exciting when it comes to sitcoms, TV shows and TV dramas in Nigeria. There were so many of these TV shows that made thousands glued to their televisions and if you don’t have a TV at home, you simply go watch at your neighbour’s place. A particular reason why these sitcoms or soap operas stand out is that they teach a lot of morals and values, unlike the haphazard ones we have today. For those who watched them, they will definitely have nostalgic feelings as it sends them back to their childhood… When I was young. Here are some soap operas that dominated the early and late 90s that will definitely remind you of your childhood.

soap opera


Created and written by the late Amaka Igwe, Checkmate was the tale of the aristocratic family Haatrope trying to survive attacks from enemies both inside and outside of the family. Other casts, include Ego Boyo, the late Francis Agu, Norbert Young and the Richard Mofe Damijo.

The Village Headmaster

The Village Headmaster is the greatest Nigerian TV shows. It ran for 20 years making it the longest-running series aired on the National Television Authority (NTA). The Village Headmaster featured legends like the late Justis Esiri, Dejumo Lewis, Funsho Adeolu, and Enebeli Elebuwa.

Tales by Moonlight

Tales by Moonlight was created by the Director of Programmes at NTA, Victoria Ezeokoli. The 30-minute show on Sunday was aimed at countering the popular USA kiddies programme Sesame Street. Tales by Moonlight was focused on promoting African folktales.


Super Story

Wale Adenuga was the producer of Super Story who is also responsible for Papa Ajasco. It ran for 18 years and was popular because of the nature of its unique stories.

Cock Crow At Dawn

This was a weekly TV series that was aired on NTA. It was sponsored by the Union Bank of Africa, Cock Crow at Dawn was meant to increase the awareness of farming as a profitable investment among Nigerians. Cock Crow at Dawn ran for 104 episodes before going off the air.

soap opera

Papa Ajasco

Created by Wale Adenuga, Papa Ajasco was initially a comic strip in the 80s which turned out to be very successful. After an initial movie in 1983, Wale Adenuga adapted it for TV in 1996 starring the famous characters, ‘Papa Ajasco’, ‘Mama Ajasco’, ‘Bobo Ajasco’, ‘Boy Alinco’, ‘Miss Pepeiye’, ‘Pa James’ and ‘Pa Jimoh’.

Fuji House of Commotion

Fuji House of Commotion offshoot of Checkmate, the Amaka Igwe directed and produced comedy series hilariously portrayed the unique experience of living inside a polygamous home.

By Damilola Faustino

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