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By Damilola Faustino

Whether you think you guys have a great connection or he just struck you at the first glance, if you identify with any of these red flags, it may be that you still need to give yourself more time before you start dating again:


You are unhappy

It is not really true that being in a relationship is a guaranteed route to happiness. If you are someone who is unhappy about life, relationships can never make you happy. You will only be burdening the other person and taking their happiness away out of sheer selfish needs to be happy yourself.

You are not over your ex

Do you often find yourself thinking about your ex? Do you miss him/her? Do you have certain triggers that instantly remind you of them? Then you’re definitely not ready for a new relationship. Your past is yours alone, you cannot and should not carry that baggage into someone else’s life who expect to have all of your love and attention

You are unsure about your feelings

So you recently asked someone out, or someone asked you out and you said yes. If you find yourself thinking of reasons why you love them or why you are with them, you shouldn’t. You don’t need reasons to love someone. It’s natural and it just happens.

You have serious trust issues

Trust is sacred in every relationship. If you kick off your relationship unsure about your feelings as well as having trust issues, you are not ready to accommodate someone else in your life. Do not commit to such relationship.

You want a saviour

The blunt truth is that relationships can’t save you. They can’t take you out of a bad life, and they can’t fix all of your problems. In addition, they aren’t for people with selfish needs. You are the only one who can save yourself.

You want to change for others

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