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Ever heard someone speak and all you can do is just gape at them because of their accent. Have a look at some of the sexiest accents we found from around the world (In no particular order).

-ARGENTINIAN: So not only are they world football giants, their accents also sound hot- even when they are cursing you out!

-THAI: There is something more inviting about the Thai people than their spicy cuisine, and that is their accent. Maybe the accent rich texture has something to do with the food they eat or maybe not?thai accents

-BRAZILLIAN: Ever heard a Brazilian speak before? You’d literally want to kidnap them and have them in your closet cooing into your ears. (I’m not a freak I promise).

-TRINADIAN: I honestly haven’t heard this accent before but everyone I know swears that this accent super sexy. So it must be true, right?Trinidad accents

-SOUTHERN USA: Even though y’all say y’all a little too much, I still got big love for y’all and your accent, because it is a mixture of all the other American accents with relaxed “Drawl” about it.

-SCOTTISH: Anyone who watched Sean Connery as James Bond probably fell in love with this accent too, because, what’s not like?scottish accents

-IRISH: From Enya to every other person (tbh, I don’t know any other Irish person…lol) the Irish accent makes me imagine something sort of relating to magic and fantasy.

-NAIJA: Am sorry but Nigeria just had to make it on the list, because we’re bad like that! The Nigerian accent certainly gives a twist to English language and even has a personalized version (Pidgin English).nigerian accents

-QUEEN’S ENGLISH: This accent has poise, class and finesse rolled into one.

-SPANISH: Oh lawwd! I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t think a Spanish accent and even language is hot. The rhythm and vocabulary of the Spanish people can have you spinning in circles.spain spanish accents

-FRENCH: Usually considered the suave and most cultured of the Romantic languages, French is as soft as silk and feels as warm as a lover’s stroke.
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Now, there’s some imagery for you… :).

-ITALIAN: Funny how each time when I think of Italian people, all I can see is pasta. Passion and romance spews from their lips each time I hear someone with an Italian accent and it is hot! Hot!! Hot!!!Italian accents

Written by Treasure Mkpouto

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