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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Crush: Bath Products, Vino & A Massage

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This Valentine’s Day, you’d discover that gifting your crush has never been this easy thanks to the help of our beauty editor.


From bath products, to liquor and a massage; these three fail proof gifts will come in handy to please a certain someone (who you have your eyes on yet you may not really know what they’d appreciate)



Bath Products

Even if you may not know your crush’s favourite colour, their style or if your crush is a perfume person,

let’s face it… We all take baths!

Therefore, you can never go wrong with gifting some luxury bath products.

How to Gift your crush the perfect bath products

Head over to no. 44 Raymond Njoku Street, to discover the gifting hampers offered by the beauty and lifestyle brand, BOLD COSMETICS which will have your crush super impressed

Click this link to discover top notch relaxing bath products to help give your crush a special night in.


A Cocktail or Mocktail Kit for the home

Some people like wine, others prefer a huge bottle of vodka or whiskey whilst some don’t drink.
If you’re unsure about what liquor floats your crush’s boat, why not pick your miniatures of drinks and gift them to your crush in a little hamper.

Your next step of action to achieving this

Head over to a department store like PRINCE EBEANO

Get a cute little gifting basket or hamper from the gifts section

Stack with a few cans of Virgin Mojito from Schweppes

Add in a Cocktail shaker, a Stirrer

A handful of Miniature whisky and vodka

& a cute bottle of vino


The liquor hamper is done and dusted 🙂


A Massage

We all need a bit of tender love and care so no matter what lifestyle your crush has or what job your crush does, a massage can release tension and strife within minutes.

Our beauty editor ensures that this particular gift will have your crush so touched, he/she will be calling your line in no time.

Your next step of action to achieving this

Find out what area your crush frequents/prefers

Search for spas around that area and call to make bookings.

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Most times theses spas are very happy to offer gift cards such that payments are made and who ever the gift is for

can come on the day they desire and choose what specific treatments they wish to have whenever your crush is ready for the massage.



Yes your crush is just a crush and not necessarily your significant other and all this may look like a bit of a splurge but remember it’s a special occasion and no matter what, it will be well appreciated.


By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono 

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