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Waist beads are a beautiful African traditional accessory made out of small beads on a string, that are worn around your waist or hips. This accessory is popular in West African countries such as Ghana, Senegal, and of course, Nigeria.

African waist beads originally represent femininity, fertility and sensuality but are now sometimes worn as a sexy and flirty accessory that looks great on almost anything that reveals your midriff.

What are waist beads used for?

Waist beads are sometimes used to gauge changes in weight. Instead of you stepping on the scale, all you have to do is pay attention to where your beads sit. Your waist beads will sit higher or feel tighter as your abdomen expands, especially because waist beads do not stretch.

Another great use of waist beads, is that they help you monitor how much you eat in a single sitting. Of course, this is linked to the above.


How to wear waist beads

The easiest way to wear waist beads is below your stomach along your panty line. Of course, you can decide for yourself on where exactly to place them.  You can wear them all day and all night or take them off whenever you feel like.


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