SGI Clothing Offers Bespoke Designs For The Elite Man

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Bespoke tailoring requires a full floating canvas, basted fitting and detailed hand finishing which distinguishes bespoke from the much more common made-to-measure.


The term bespoke in fashion is reserved for individually patterned and crafted men’s clothing. Bespoke clothing is now more expensive and is generally accompanied by a high quality of construction. New technologies have allowed for bespoke garments to be made with lean manufacturing practices and digital patterning, making new patterns within minutes and fully bespoke garments in hours.

In today’s society, men want to look nice and sharp when gracing an occasion, be it a meeting, wedding or a funeral. Long gone are the days when men just threw different garments on for the sake of it, but now men are taking care of themselves and grooming so they can appear kempt as well as in charge of things and you can’t do that looking like drab. Catering to this need is what inspired Tunji Fabamigbe and his partners to start their very own bespoke menswear line which launched in Lagos in October.

SGI Clothing

SGI bespoke tailoring is a Nigerian menswear brand that caters to the needs of the elite man. This bespoke tailoring brand takes pride in the traditional bespoke process which involves craftsmanship by highly skilled tailors using the highest quality of materials. Every garment made is tailored to the specific needs of individual customers and this is essential to perfect fitting garments, as displayed in the video below:

The SGI bespoke tailoring has a luxurious fitting room located in Victoria Island, Lagos which makes the tailoring experience unique as well as comfortable. The bespoke service is not solely based on the physicality of the skills of creating an exclusive garment, but also reflects the personality, lifestyle and aspirations of the SGI brand and the SGI man.

SGI Clothing

Tunji Fabamigbe is a graduate of Computer Science and Economics from Obafemi Awolowo University Ile Ife, who also holds an MBA from Manchester Business School, is a former banker with almost 20 year work experience working with various banks across the African continent. Tunji seeing a gap in the market with his passion for sartorial elegances decided to create SGI which helps serve the market with simple understated elegance. By the look of the set up and style, it looks like Tunji is onto a winner and we at Accelerate cannot wait to get fitted for our very own bespoke suits.

At SGI we follow the traditions of the true ‘bespoke’ process, which is essential to the success of a perfect fitting garment. Created by our team of highly skilled tailors and crafted from the highest quality materials, Every garment is tailored to the customer’s individual needs

“A Bespoke suit is sophisticated, understated style – it is the pinnacle of masculine elegance.” Edward Sexton.

Check out offerings from SGI Clothing in the slides above

SGI clothing

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