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Shade Corner Season 2 Premieres In Grand Style

Camille ShaiyenNoble EzealaTamara AihieAkah NnaniAccelerate Tv boss, Colette OtushesoO. C. UkejeNoble IgweChiagoziem NwakanmaOsas IghodaroThe DelphinatorNoble with Denola GreyDenola GreyO. C. UkejeOscar OyinsanSeyi BabatopeElo ZonamThe Delphinator and Oscar Okekethe delphinator, Oscar Okeke, Tamara Aihie and Oscaar OyinsanFrom right: Biodun Laro with Noble (middle)

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By Dumbledore’s Pawn

The Stars come out at night, and that was the case on Friday the 1st of June, 2018, when Accelerate Tv premiered the second season of it’s highly acclaimed show, Shade Corner.

Shade corner season 2 premiere

Akah Nnani

The stars turned up – literally – for the launch of Shade Corner 2 and the room glittered with lights, posters and food.

Of course, the Shady Bunch, who were the celebrants of the night, comprising Akah Nnani, Bayo Oke-Lawal, Makida Moka, Noble Ezeala, Camille Shaiyen and Tamara Aihie, were present with their friends & families. It was lit. Eating when funny people are around you is actually very serious hazard (but so worth it).

There was food, drinks, music and a lot of shade, obviously. We saw the first two episodes and there was an encore, they wanted more (Such Oliver Twists).

The Delphinator, Oscar Okeke, Tamara Aihie and Oscar Oyinsan

The New Shade Corner drops on Wednesday the 6th of June and we can wait to share the experience with all of you. The New plots, the banter, the guests on the show. Who do you think will take the crown home this time as the Shadiest of Them All?

Shade corner season 2 premiere

Camille Shaiyen

Shade corner season 2 premiere

Noble Ezeala

Tamara Aihie

Shade corner season 2 premiere

Accelerate Tv boss, Colette Otusheso

Shade corner season 2 premiere

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