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Guess what guys!!! Accelerate TV’s most anticipated show, Shade Corner, is finally here! It’s bigger, better, and shadier, with more drags coming to you, left-right, and center. And if you thought Tamara was bad last year, wait till you see her this year! This season is going to be fire! With Bayo giving us looks back to back, Akah constantly talking about his marriage, Noble throwing subtle shade, and Tamara, hmmm Tamaraaa, we’ll just wait for you to watch it. 

There are so many topics on this season that we can relate to, and we cannot even explain the amount of shade that is thrown this season. Also, some of our faves will be showing up as guests this season, so get ready to be surprised. 

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Trust us when we tell you that this is the best season yet! 

By: Dammy Eneli

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