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More than one in three guys say their skin gets red and rashy at the slightest shaving. This has made some people scared of shaving. The fact is there is no hard and fast solution for shaving with sensitive skin. But there are ways to manage this:


The smoother the surface your razor travels across, the fewer chances it will catch on something, cutting the skin beneath. Before shaving, wash your face with a gentle exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin and potential razor hang-ups.

Don’t massage oil or cream with your fingers

Massaging shave oil or cream into your beard with your fingers can actually increase the odds of irritation. Instead, use a badger brush. Not only softer and easier to clean, the fine hair of the brush does a better job coating your hair, which in turn will make it easier to remove during the shave.
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Soften your facial or body hair

Facial hair is notoriously hard and tough to remove smoothly. The softer the hair, the less resistance it puts up against the razor and the easier the removal. To give yours a head start, press a towel soaked in hot water against your face (or take a warm shower) for two minutes before you shave.

Clean your blade

As you shave, excess cream and discarded hair are attached to the razor. Rinse the blade in the sink after every three or four strokes to remove the builds up, which hinders the smooth glide of the razor and can cause a rash. You’ll also want to change out your blades more frequently than someone with less sensitive skin.

Stay hydrated

Maintaining your skin’s moisture content with a daily lotion will help, but be sure to choose one that is friendly to your sensitive skin.

By Damilola Faustino

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