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Wait…what does a thug wants to teach me? God forbid, I can never learn anything from such a person whose future is very uncertain. Yes, that is what you are thinking now, Isn’t it? However, in everyday life, you cannot write off people. There should be something positive you can learn from them. Some of them are shocking. This is not in any way justifying their activities.  A thug, in this case, refers to the individuals who collect money from Lagos bus conductors. See a few life lessons you can learn from them.


— Persistence

You must have seen these street thugs running after danfos to collect money from them. They run after the buses as if their lives depend on it. They barely give up and they are ready to do anything to collect the money. This obviously shows us the rewards of persistence. Whatever you do, ensure that you do not give up on your dreams.

— Lending a helping hand

You have experienced how the agberos or thugs collectively pounce on a conductor who refuses to settle and tries to attack one of them. They will come together to beat such a conductor. For you, do not hesitate to allow your friends help you when you are stuck. You will definitely find a solution.

— Not minding what people say

If you calculate the curses Nigerians have reigned on these thugs, it is running into millions. Notwithstanding, they do not care. You can curse them from today to tomorrow, it won’t stop them from collecting that money. If a thug doesn’t care about what others are saying about him, why should you?

— Deliver without cheating

The monies they collect from the conductors are delivered to their bosses. And he dares not take kickback or he will be sincerely disciplined. This doesn’t mean they do not steal money. The stealing cases are a bit limited. So, you should be honest when money is involved in whatever business you are doing.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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