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Shoe and socks? Someone asked how I could see them in awe. And today, I’m here to answer that question. I am about to give you ways you can rock shoes and socks.

Your reasons for wanting to rock this look are not the point but I have to point out that a popular reason is because no one wants to be walking around with white legs. So when Harmattan season comes, you will thank me for this:

shoes and socks

-Chic shoes can look even more stylish paired with socks. You can pair your strap sandals with a knee length socks. Also, classic pumps, ankle length heels can be paired with silky trouser socks. This makes it easy to slip in and out of those uncomfortable heels at work without getting your feet dirty. Of course, the socks are not thick enough to make your shoes tight and uncomfortable.

-For men, the silky trouser socks are necessary for a corporate day at work. If your legs are going to be visible when you sit, this will cover your skin properly. In choosing socks for a corporate day, you can decide to wear a long sock, or not wear one at all.
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Ankle length socks are a big no-no.

shoes and socks

-We could not just leave the men hanging. The rule for them is quite simple. They might still have to visit the earlier article about fashion mistakes men make. However, ladies, if you have that pair of boots that is a little bigger than your size but you cannot think of letting go. Fear not, you can pair that with a thicker pair of socks.

-If you are like some of us that do not want your socks to be visible at all, you can wear those lacey socks that are not visible above the shoe lines. This will help you minimise blisters if you have a job that requires you to move around a lot.

-What kind of socks you wear completely depends on the outfit. Ankle length socks will go well with three-quarter or long trousers/skirts. Miniskirts or shorts go better with longer socks. They could be knee length or almost knee length. If you decide to have a casual sneakers day, the most common choice of socks will be the ankle length ones. However, the outfit should elevate them or provide some stylish contrast, like pairing that little black dress with sneakers. On the other hand, with jeans, your socks should not be visible.

shoes and socks

-There are definitely various ways to be stylish and fashionable in socks and shoes. These tips above just give you a sense of what you can try if you have no clue. The end game still depends on you. You have to wear what makes you feel the most comfortable and wear it with utmost confidence. Fashion and confidence are two peas in a pod.

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Written by Nkem Ikeh

Image: pinterest.com, aliexpress.com

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