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Queens! We have discovered beauty brand, 241 Cosmetics, a brand that is meant to not only adorn you, but inspire you in the process.

Now, what is most interesting about the brand, is that posts of their products on their social media page, @241Cosmetics, are always introduced not only by the name, theme and features of the product, but also with some motivational message.

241 cosmetics lipstick

For instance, “the Red Sea lipstick is inspired by the resilient women who navigate through obstacles wearing their courage like a strong and bold red lipstick,” as written on the brand’s page. It continues: “Red Sea is creamy and hydrating with hints of deep merlot and powerful reds that applies smoothly, is long-lasting and contains Vitamin E. When you wear Red Sea, know you are a woman in control of creating her path to personal success.”

Also, “Halo is an easily buildable, stay-true pigmented eyeshadow that looks naturally beautiful on all skin tones. It’s our go-to eyeshadow for day to night. When you wear Halo, you’re really wearing your invisible crown.”

If this is not enough reason to shop 241 Cosmetics, then the story of the founders will motivate you.


Check out some of their offerings below and begin shopping here. You deserve it.

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Q: What does “2•4•1” stand for? Growing up as twins, strangers would jokingly ask: “Are you guys 2 FOR 1?” The surface response: No, there is no discount when it comes to our self worth, but our mother did have 1 pregnancy that birthed 2 girls. Filed under: 2 for 1. As we got older the question became deeper for us. People are fascinated with twins as they naturally draw attention without trying but with attention comes comparisons. People would ask questions like: “Stand next to each other so I can see the difference.” “Who’s the smart twin?" "Who’s the prettier twin?" "When you look in the mirror, can you tell who is who?” This got us thinking: why can’t you have 2 equally powerful attributes in 1? The answer: You can embrace both. The 2•4•1 brand is a reflection of our belief that women are both brains and beauty —we don’t have to choose one or the other —we can be both. #beclassic

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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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