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The release of Shopé’s, RIKIKI EP in 2020, saw the Nigerian-Canadian embrace the duality of his cultural personhood with a laudable degree of candour. Continuing with that theme of transparency, Shopé illustrates another dimension to his personhood – a stronger, more assertive side in the video for ‘Tell A Man’.

“Tell A Man” which stands as the 6th track from the 2020 project is a simple reminder that one’s patience and kindness are not to be confused for cowardice. The song echoes a desire for peaceful and amicable resolutions, but quips at the singer’s readiness to take the necessary means to resolve conflicts.

Although more serious in its subject matter, nothing is to be found lacking in the music video’s sonic and visual qualities. Shopé stays true to the catchy, world-class Afrofusion aesthetic, fans (and critics) have come to expect from him. This time, even mining flavours from UK Afrobeats. But this is not surprising for an artist known for blending African and Western influences.

Watch HERE

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