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Shopping online has become the order of the day.
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It’s quicker and even sometimes more efficient. However, there may be a downside. Most people like to shop for shoes physically so that they will get the right fit. They have to try on different pairs until they get the fight one. Here are a few tips on how to buy the right shoes online.

The first thing you must do is to measure your foot at home.

shoe size3

Take a piece of white paper and put it on a hard surface. Place your foot on the paper. If you are taking the measurement for shoes like stilettos and others which you wear barefoot, then you can take your measurement barefoot. If you are shopping for shoes which you wear with socks, then measure your foot wearing shoes. You will notice that there is a difference. Measure the width and length of your feet to get the right measurement.

shoe size2

When you have gotten the measurement, consult a size chart to be sure. Choose the right one depending on the country which you are purchasing from. While choosing shoes online you will find that there is an option for size chart. This size chart gives the measurement and the shoe size according to it. Record your shoe size somewhere as when you are shopping online you will find out that there are varying shoe sizes for various countries.

shoe size1

Finally, make sure you choose an option of sellers that have a return policy. You don’t want to have pairs of shoes that you can’t wear, that will just be annoying. If it doesn’t fit, just return it and try again. For more tips on shopping and otherwise, visit our fashion page.

Written by Judith Achinedu

Image source: archiesfootwear.com.au, onehowto.com

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