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Height is considered a physical attraction for both men and women. This is because people are interested in standing out. The best way to achieve that is obviously to have your head sticking out of the crowd. Women have heels to rely on to achieve this. Men, on the other hand, opt for visual tricks that will allow them to gain a few inches. Here are a few of those:


Obviously, women will go for heels to help out but with men, it gets a little tricky. Choose shoe models with a slight heel such as formal or military-style boots, which usually have a sole that gives us a little more height. Opt for slightly pointy shoes thus prolonging the length of your leg line and gives the impression that you are taller. This is a foolproof trick that will look good on you. Choose height insoles that can be placed inside shoes to add a few but essential inches.

looking taller1

-A big NO to long and baggy trousers

When you opt for very long trousers, you are actually shortening your height visually rather than lengthening it. Hems are very important. They should sit around the area of the laces, slightly above the heel, but no lower. Another equally important tip is to avoid rolling up trousers as this shortens the legs and accentuates short stature. What about style? Your trousers’ waists should always sit near your navel and never around your hips since this style makes your legs look shorter.

looking taller2

-Other Clothing Options

Wearing very long jackets or coats is another common mistake. All outer wears should be appropriate for your height, therefore it is recommended that coats, raincoats and other kinds of jackets that go halfway down your leg should be completely avoided. Avoid very large prints as they shorten and widen the figure. If you want a pattern, the best is vertical lines, which provide the illusion of longer length rather than wider width.

looking taller3

Finally, the best tip to make yourself look taller boils down to posture. Never forget the importance of good posture. Walk and sit with your back straight and avoid slouching so that you do not consciously make yourself lose inches. Stand straight and stand confidently.

Written by Michael Olise

Images: primermagazine.com, pinterest.com

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