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The success of previous seasons of Money Heist, has set the expectations so high for the forthcoming seasons of the show, and helped it become Netflix’s most popular non-English language series.

money heist

With the current situation of things around the world, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one anticipating the release of the fourth part of La Casa De Papel, better known as Money Heist. I felt it would take my mind off things, and keep me occupied during this lockdown, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. What was certain to me was Alex Pina, the creator of the show, wasn’t going to let me down.

To a large extent, he didn’t. I was thrilled for a while, the introduction of new characters, plot twists, suspense and action was top notch. But at a point it began to feel stretched, and “time” was no longer important in the heist. Due to lack of urgency, I was no longer as thrilled as I expected to be. Then the question came up “is another season necessary?”

Initially, when the season started, I thought it would be pretty straight forward and not dragged. “We’re here to tell whatever we need to tell in the shortest way, we’re here to shoot guns at close range, to empty magazines tirelessly … we’d rather the audience switched off the TV with racing hearts than out of boredom.” Pina stated via The Guardian, but seems that’s not what’s going to happen.

About 3 episodes in season 4 were spent implementing a new character, Gandia, Chief security at the Bank of Spain, taking center stage. He survived a scene, where he was receiving gunfire from about 5 automatic machine guns, 15 meters away from him and still survived a grenade explosion. Clearly, he has a huge role to play in the forthcoming parts.

There was also the issue of too many flashbacks of Berlin, taking up large screen time which I felt were unnecessary, because that time could have been used to bring the show to an end.

It’s totally understandable they’re trying to keep their fans entertained and glued to their screens but the main reason we all fell in love with it in the beginning was cause of its originality uniqueness. And now It is beginning to seem like the producers are drifting away from the originality and logic of the series which has brought them thus far, in a bid to extend the series.

Regardless of the flaws, I’m still looking forward to the next part, cause they had previously given 3 mind blowing seasons, but with the outcome of season 4, it may be better to lower expectations for the next season.

By Muyiwa aguda

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