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I think at this point we’ve made it clear that to us, TV shows are pretty much the best thing on the planet. But it’s not every show that brings us hours of endless joy. After way too many seasons, irritating characters and senseless story lines, there’s some shows that we just had to leave behind. Here’s a list of shows we at Accelerate couldn’t be bothered to watch to the end:




When Glee first came out, I thought it was weird, but in a good way, so I stuck with it. Then they sang this mashup and I fell in LOVE:



Three seasons in though and it started to get a bit much. There was only so many times I could be asked to watch Sue Sylvester be mean and Rachel be a diva and Kurt be… Kurt. But even then, I stuck with it. Then, it got daft- there was a random (and very unnecessary) school shooting, one of the gay characters randomly went straight and Sue was being mean for no exact reason. I knew then that I had to give up. I made an exception when Finn died (RIP CORY MONTEITH!) but even after the deeply emotional episode dedicated to him, this show still couldn’t hold my attention.






Oh the Vampire Diaries. When this show started out, I thought it was perfect. It had everything- vampires, murder, high schoolers, parties, revenge, romance and the fact that every single person (even the actors just chilling in the background) was good looking didn’t hurt either. But then after a while, all the vampires, murder etc got…boring. There were only so many times we could watch Elena be annoying, Stefan moan about it and Damon step in to save the day. By the 2,790th time, we had to let this go. And honestly, we’ve never looked back.





This is a tricky one. On the one hand, Grey’s Anatomy is still a pretty awesome show. The acting, the stories, all of it is still decent. And there’s new doctor’s introduced all the time so it’s not like I’m tired of the characters. But on the other hand, the problem with this show is that… there’s just too much of it. People are creating new and exciting TV shows all the time. And even though I tried to be loyal, it was hard to stay invested in this one little hospital when there are so many other things going on in the world of TV. So one day, when my hard drive was too full, I deleted Grey’s Anatomy to make some space. And although I keep telling myself I’ll catch up eventually, deep down inside, I know that’s not gonna happen.






This show is not good. It’s really that simple. There are a lot (like, A LOT)  of shows that are simply really good looking people doing their jobs. Grey’s Anatomy for example is just a show about hot doctors. But the shows that last have the good sense to add in decent stories to keep people coming back. Quantico got the hot people part right (Priyanka Chopra’s face is hands down the best thing about this show) but gets -3 for the story. It started out OK but very quickly got wayyyyyyyyyy too convoluted. This is the youngest show in this list as they’re still in the middle of season 2, so we might be speaking too soon. But we really, really doubt it.






Ah, Superman. Everyone loves Superman. And everyone REALLY loved Young Superman. If Smallville had come out today, in the era of Jessica Jones, The Flash, Supergirl etc, I don’t know how well it would have done. But when it came out, it was the only show of its kind, something we had never seen before. And it was truly revolutionary. So where did they go wrong? It was another case of not knowing when to stop. By seasons 7, 8, 9, we were TIRED of Superman. Heroes only have one job- save the day. And after season 6, we’d had enough saving to last us a long time. Still though, if there’s one thing I’ll never get tired of, it’s that awesome theme song!






To be very honest, this should have been a movie. Because by episode 2, I had seen all  I cared to see. Still, I stuck around for a few seasons cos Dean and Sam are pretty awesome and make up for their monotonous lives with great banter and even greater hair. But after five years of watching the brothers get rid of demons, I moved on to other things. The difference with this show is that I didn’t get bored or tired. I just sort of… forgot. And that’s definitely not what you want from a TV show.

Do you agree with the list? Are there shows you neglected that we didn’t put on here? Let us know in the comments below.

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