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She is just my best friend. There is nothing between us. I told you about her, didn’t I? They say when a handshake goes beyond the elbow, it is no longer a handshake. There are some besties out there who have become so close that people think that they are actually dating. This can actually be worrying for those who are in love with someone who has a bestie. Clearly, you may want to know if their closeness has gone beyond the ordinary. These signs will definitely help you. However, it is advisable you trust your partner:


She’s closer to his mum than you are

This means your guy has two people in his life-the official girlfriend and the bestie girlfriend. The bestie seems to be the real girlfriend because she is very close to his mum. Meanwhile, you’ve never met her. That’s a red flag.

They always pull disappearing acts

You all went for a night party. You guys are together. After several hours, you cannot find your boyfriend and his bestie. They are missing in action. After taking time out to search for them, you see them sitting on a couch smiling and discussing. He is supposed to be talking with you, not with bestie. You may overlook the first time but if it happens often, it may be a sign!

She takes his side in arguments

Both of you are arguing and everyone knows that he is absolutely wrong but bestie still supports his position. It is better for bestie to be neutral as taking sides may be sending a very wrong signal.

He constantly compares the two of you

You are unique and there is no one like you. When your boyfriend, however, starts comparing you to his bestie, he may probably be interested in her. He wants you to behave and act like he. You may want to talk to him before he abandons you for bestie.

She’s his biggest fan on social media

If you go through his social media page, bestie is always the first to like and comment on all his posts. Alert!

She relies on him to fulfil boyfriend duties

It is more like you are sharing boyfriend because she is always calling him to perform one duty or another for her. This may be a sign. She should look for some else to call for help.

They look at each other passionately

The way bestie and your boyfriend look at each can reveal that they are into each other. It is either they are interested in each other. But you are the only one stopping them from dating.


Written By Damilola Faustino

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