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Some people think you’re just lazy but they don’t understand that all you need is a little order in your life. You might not even think it’s a serious issue that requires attention and that it’s just a phase that you’ll pull through. But is it though? Could your life be way better and you don’t even realize? Give the article a read to find out the signs that tell you need to get your life in order before it’s too late. (NOW!)




  • Firstly, you are always running late, causing you to forget or misplace somethings you really shouldn’t be forgetting/misplacing. For example always misplacing your keys and occasionally asking people to call your number because you can’t find where you “mistakenly” kept your phone. Still on the same note, your phone case and glass cover has scratches and cracks and you keep having to buy a new one.
  • Furthermore, you’re known among your friends as the one who always has ready excuses for his short comings and lack of order.
  • You never return missed calls from family and friends on time and they have heard a million times how you are going to turn a new leaf every New Year, but that never happens.
  • You’re always procrastinating on so many projects and always responding late to important emails, because you decided in your head that you will have time to respond later.
  • Always being lazy and your food is constantly getting burned because you were curled up in bed or distracted by something on Instagram or Facebook. There is a secret reason why you allegedly say you like burnt Indomie noodles right?

Any other habit we missed? Let us know in the comment section and remember an organized life is a happy life.


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Written by Treasure Asanammy

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