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When people are in love or lust, they tend to overlook signs that they might be in a fake and unreal relationship. They even ignore the advice of their friends about their love life. Their reply is that you want to destroy their relationship. Sadly for them, the fake relationship catches up with them and they become heartbroken. Sorry. So, if you are in a relationship no matter how romantic or sweet it is, here are the signs that it is not real and it is billed to inevitably fail.

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—Poor communication 

Communication is very important in any relationship. If both of you cannot talk to each other or you scarcely communicate, you may not be going anywhere. You should make efforts to improve communication. Talk about anything and everything. And if there are no changes, it may be a sign that it is fake.

—Too much Public Display of Affection

There is usually a limit to PDAs. He touches where he is not meant to in public to your disgust. And when you complain, he takes offence and tries to accuse you of not loving him, you should put on your thinking cap if it is not already on. PDA doesn’t give you the leeway to disrespect a woman even if she is your girlfriend.

—No compass or direction

You see it yourself. It is right before your eyes. The relationship has no direction, no bearing and you are always confused. You wonder what you are doing with each other. If you feel this way, it is time to take action. Sit down with your partner and ask him where both of you are heading. If there is no concrete answer, you should simply quit.

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—The butterflies have disappeared and no efforts spice it up

You and your bae were very close. But as months pass by, both of you begin to drift apart. You no longer feel the relationship. Instead of making efforts to spice it up, no action is taken. And both of you still refuse to go your separate ways. Sooner rather than later, everything will naturally die and you will stop communicating. Do not wait until you are two or three years in the relationship before taking action or doing something.

—It is all about sex

The only time he remembers you is when his libido is out of control. When he is satisfied, both of you return to the status quo. Try to refuse his call for once and see his reaction. It is either he calls off the relationship or says he does not love you.  If you do not do anything besides sex, it is time to move on.

—You don’t know each other’s family and friends

If you have not met his family, at least, you should have met his friends. If you have not met any of the above and he has never talked about going to visit them, he probably does not want you to meet them. It is likely that he has another girl he wants to take to his parents. You are just a side chic.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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