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When it comes to dating, every girl wants the process of finding Mister Right to be as easy as possible. So, it’s natural to set standards in place because they help sift out the good men from the bad and ugly. But what happens when you feel you are doing the right thing by laying down that law and keeping your eyes on the prize, only to find you aren’t getting a bite? Chances are your expectations could be a little off course and actually doing you more harm than good. So let’s look at several indications that your dating expectations are too high.

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You are struggling to find men

If you feel that you have run out of options, it’s time to put things into perspective. So, the matter isn’t that there aren’t enough fish in the sea, but that you are scaring them away because your expectations make them feel they are not good enough for you.

You are too fussy

If people are saying something repeatedly to you, then it’s worth taking notice, especially if it is coming from friends or family who know you quite well. Truth is we all have different desires when it comes to finding the perfect partner. The indication then that you are too fussy will be that no one will be able to meet any of your standards and you will be left always looking for more instead of actually acknowledging what someone has in front of you.

You are constantly scrutinizing your dates

Dating for you is far from this fun activity of getting to know someone, instead, you’ve turned it into an interview process. If your standards are too high then it will be obvious because you will be pulling your dates to pieces, drilling them and sizing them up instead of enjoying their company.

Your dates never seem to make you happy

If you aren’t getting joy out of dating, then you are doing it wrong. A big sign of someone that needs their standards reassessed, is someone who is always miserable or complaining about things that should actually be enjoyable and fun.

You feel like you don’t have good options

Options are plentiful. So if you are struggling to find someone to actually date, then chances are your date-worthy qualifications list is a little too long. Whilst it’s important to narrow the dating pool down to who you ideally want, there has to also be room for compromise and thinking outside the square.

Men say you are high maintenance

Well if there is one sure way to tell, it’s because men literally tell you that you are too much hard work and that they can’t please you. Communicating that you are a high-value woman and coming across as high maintenance are two different things.

Damilola Faustino

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