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There is nothing absolutely wrong with dating your crush. However, quite a good number of people are confused about whether their crush is interested in them or not. If you really want to date your crush, there are certain signs you have to look out for. If you do not see any of these signs, just resign that both of you will ‘just be friends’.


You guys are always together

You both always seem to hang out. He always calls you on his free time to hang out. And you always call him on your free time to go hang out. You guys spend all of each others’ free time together. He may even ditch his friends to go hang out with you. If he ditches his friend for you, then it’s real; he likes you and really wants to spend time with you.

Looks at You in Disbelief

He’ll give you that look. They have this look where they look at you, mesmerized. So, when he looks at you like that, that’s how you know he has true feelings for you. He stares at you like that because he’s really glad to have someone like you spending time with him.

He always asks questions about you

He will ask questions because he wants to know more about you. He wants to know the real you because he wants to stick around for the long run. Usually, if a guy doesn’t ask you any questions about you and doesn’t take the time to get to know you, then he probably doesn’t care about you enough to stay for the long run. A guy will ask you big things such as how your family is or talk about childhood.

He compliments you a lot

Does he constantly call you beautiful? Or pretty? He probably believes you are truly beautiful. Guys tend to flirt a lot, but if he does it consistently, he’s being genuine! He really likes you and this could go somewhere. Guys know that persistence is the key to get what they want and if he persistently compliments you, it means you are worth it. But be careful because if he only calls you hot or sexy, then he probably just wants… you know… something else from you.

He gets a little touchy

This does not mean in a dirty way. It means he likes to hold your hand or he likes to rub your shoulders. Or he’ll rub your shoulders or gives you lots of hugs. Guys want to make it obvious that they’re into you and this is one of the ways that they do that. When you’re interested in a guy, aren’t you touchy too? Hahaha. Well, guys are just the same way!

He tries to make friend with your friends

What better way to get on your good side than to be friends with the people who you get along best with? If he wants to meet your friends and be friends with your friends, then he’s really interested in you. He knows that your friends are important to you and your decision making. He knows that for you guys to be in a functional relationship, your friends need to “approve” him.

By Damilola Faustino

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