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There is the general notion that the tendency to cheat is more with the guys than girls. However, fact is cheating or infidelity in a relationship is not something that should be encouraged, but many are doing it. Many people already have the mindset that it is not possible for a man not to cheat, so they will make do with whatever man they have as long as his only flaw is cheating. FYI, that singular flaw is a big enough flaw.

Couple cheating

In fact, some have become such experts at cheating that their partner will never catch them. But, a cheating bae always drops hints. No matter the tactics he or she adopts in covering their tracks, here are signs that your bae is cheating. Mind you, despite these, be careful not to jump into conclusion:

Frequent change of passwords


You pick your bae’s phone to enter a previous password and it is wrong; the possibility is that he has changed it. This always happens whenever you visit him at home. If he cannot give you a good explanation for changing the password, chances are that he is hiding something.

Leaving you to answer calls


They do not have to leave your side when they want to answer calls. They should be comfortable with discussing and talking about anything and everything in your presence. Sometimes, if you are curious and you ask, it is either they say it is nothing or they just lie to you.

Rise in social activities


Going out is normal and obviously, they will tell you where they are going. But if there is a sudden rise in their social activities that they do not even have time for you, something must be amidst. Perhaps, you should say you want to go with them on one of those trips and see how they react.

Increased spending and lies


Cheating requires a lot of money and lies to cover up. So, they ask you for money every week that you almost become frustrated. They will not tell you the truth about what they are using the money for. He may probably be using it to take another girl out on a date.

Physical appearance

girl flirting

Oftentimes, when seeking a new relationship, people are very conscious of their outward appearance. They ensure that everything is on point. But she is still in a relationship with you and she is looking more beautiful than usual. She may either want to look good for you or she is looking good for another guy. In any case, do not jump into conclusion.

Increased gifts

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You see her using an iPhone, several bags, Indian hair, and shoes and you are very sure you didn’t buy her any of those things. And you know that she cannot afford it herself. Then there is something wrong.

—Faults you for everything

couple fight

They begin to find faults in the simplest of things. Even your good gestures come out as mistakes to them. For a few weeks or days, he doesn’t stop short of criticising or blaming you for his woes. He may be doing this just to make you feel bad. And at the same time, he may be seeing another girl. Beware.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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