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Written By Damilola Faustino

There are rules about dating your colleagues in most work places, but what do you do when your boss has a crush on you? Such situations must be handled with care, if you don’t want to cause a controversy. Before, he or she preys on you, here are signs that your boss is seriously crushing on you:

They always invite you for private or late-night meetings

Your boss always wants to be alone with you. As if that is not enough, he schedules late-night meetings at exquisite clubs and hotels, this is an obvious sign.

They call, chat or text you for no particular reason

Managers are very busy. They do not have time for calling and texting an equally busy employee for no particular reason. If this happens every day including weekends, please take note.

Their body language is overtly sensual

Body language and eye contact can give anyone away. For a randy boss, his eyes will be writing a long zigzag note all over your body. He will not stop there, he will maintain a sustained eye contact in a bid to let you know he is looking at you.

They give you preferential treatment

From the blues, he increases your salary, takes you to dinner or he is unusually nice to you. I beg, do not be carried away. He may have ulterior motives. Like you know, nothing goes for nothing.

They confide in you

He has already mapped out his mission and vision to rope you in. Do not walk on that map and get trapped if he starts telling you about things that are personal to him which is none of your business. For example, he is telling you that he does not love his wife. Lie!

You get exaggerated promises from them

I will build you a house in Banana Island, I will buy you a car in the next two weeks, and I will take you to Dubai for shopping. Some girls are likely to fall for these things as this is what they love to hear. But other discerning girls will understand and wave it aside. But get ready for your friend’s backlash!

They give you gifts

Your colleagues get sweets and chocolate but he bought an expensive jewelry for you that even your salary can never pay for. You start jumping up and down like a chicken and reward him with a full hug. That is exactly what he wants. Beware.

They make physical contact

Someone you are unfamiliar with can touch you in certain places. However, your boss cannot control his hands. He wants to kiss, hug and hold. Very soon, you will find his hand in the most sacred part of your body. If this makes you uncomfortable, then you should tell someone.

They treat you like they do not like you

More often than not, if your boss is interested or likes you, he will treat you badly to the point that you will be forced to build a relationship with him.

They always want you around

For anything they want to do, they always want you around. They travel for a business meeting, it is you, they go for a gathering, it’s you. This is a real sign.

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