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Soul singer Simi married her heartthrob, fellow singer, Adekunle Gold in perhaps the most private traditional wedding ceremony in Nigeria’s entertainment industry.

Simi BM Pro

While fans await pictures of the nuptials between her and musician husband, beauty brand BM|Pro decided to give us an idea of how spectacular the songstress looked on her wedding in this cover shoot for their March 2019 issue.

The songstress not only served looks on what an ethereal bride she made, she also gave us bridal beauty inspiration; from traditional engagement in aso-oke, to soft bridal white wedding and court wedding ideas.

Makeup artist/creative director Banke Meshida-Lawal spared no art as she gave Simi different shades of subtle yet glamorous beauty looks.

Simi BM Pro

Talking about the feature Banke said:

“I’d always imagined having her in my chair but I was quite unprepared for the downward turn of events the day of our shoot—- Traffic and stress got the better part of the day and we almost canceled… We made it in the nick of time and when I saw her for the very first time, I was blown!!! She has the most beautiful Skin (Smooth, Spotless, Amazing Tone, Poreless!) and that body too!

I did a mental dance…

I had sent her measurements to Nonnistics who, thankfully, discarded my figures because what I sent was so wrong— She did her homework and came up with Simi’s exact fit— thank you Nonny.

Margaret (Psluxuryevents) designed the set, incorporating accents that seemed impossible. But then again, that’s Margaret that dreams up the impossible and executes it even in the face of doubt. It was an amazing day, even though the studio almost became a concert venue! Fans everywhere!

Everybody was starstruck, taking selfies even with the star doing other things, some were like Zombies, staring and almost falling off their seats! We then decided to be cliché and started belting our entire Simi playlist songs, to which she told me it makes her shy when people do that… aww!

Simi BM Pro

I guess seeing the effect one’s fantastic body of work has on people live can be intimidating! Everyone in our security room must have had a laugh watching the CCTV playback! Lol.

In between writing lyrics and getting ready to present us with her latest work, Mrs. Gold is a ball of energy, also very gentle but with a sharp wit! How they pulled off the most coded nuptials with just the closest and dearest present deserves all the accolades.

Nowadays she is back in the studio and almost wrapped up Production for her new album. What direction /genre will it be?

See more photos from the feature below:

Simi BM ProSimi BM Pro

By Sarah Oyedo

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