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Notwithstanding whether you are male or female, deciding to teach yourself to cook can be one of the most intimidating, yet rewarding, choices you’ll ever make this New Year.

The interesting part about teaching yourself to cook is that you don’t have to have anyone train you to learn how or go to a special class or school to learn to cook. These tips should serve as your guide to teach you how to cook.


Read recipe books

Reading recipes is possibly the easiest way to teach yourself to cook. For starters, it familiarizes you with food, techniques, and cooking lingo. You don’t even have to try cooking first if you’re hesitant at first. Just pick up a couple recipe books that catch your eye at the store, ones you have at home, or on the internet. Just sifting through recipes and reading them is a great way to become familiar with cooking styles and will make you more knowledgeable about foods and things in the kitchen.


Watch others

Another way to learn to cook is to watch other people cook, whether on television or in person. Maybe you have a friend or family member who is a great cook, you can simply watch them. Watch other people cook and see what you pick up from them. Then, just take the plunge!


Practice on your family and friends

If you really want to learn to cook and get some honest feedback, then you need to practice for people that you love, like your friends and family. Pick a simple dish from a recipe book, and just go for it. They won’t care if you mess up, but you can’t learn without practice! The old saying comes to mind-practice makes perfect.


Watch YouTube videos

There are thousands of YouTube videos you can watch to learn how to cook.  Even if they are making a recipe. Just type in a recipe you’d like to make in the YouTube search bar, or just type in “recipe” and pick a few videos to watch. You’ll be cooking in no time!


Never forget to measure ingredients

A very important thing you should never ignore especially when you are learning how to cook. Be sure to measure your ingredients. You can get better at eyeballing later. For now, use those measuring spoons! They were made for a reason.

By: Damilola Faustino

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