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Many people hardly get proper sleep because of many factors that is 90% their fault. The other 10% is environment-related. And try as you might, there’s no such thing as catching up on missed sleep. The downsides you probably know all too well: Less sleep means less productivity and more stress. Check out the tips below to help you build the bedroom of your dreams.

bed room

Choose the right bed

If you want to have a bed that you’ll actually want to sleep in, choosing the right bed sheets is a good place to start. You should use cotton, bamboo or linen sheets with a thread count of 400 or higher. The rule is the higher the thread count, the softer and comfier the sheets.

The Pillow you use is important

Whether you sleep on your side, back or belly, you’ll want a pillow that’ll make you feel like you’re on cloud 9. If you sleep on your back, using a thinner pillow made with memory foam could hold up your neck without throwing it too far forward. A good rule of thumb is to replace your pillows every 18 months.

Choose a good mattress

If you’re doing it right, you’re spending one-third of your life in bed. That’s why it’s so important to invest in a great mattress. A soft but firm mattress with thermoneutrality — which is just a fancy word for saying that the mattress isn’t too hot or too cold — can prevent disruptions in your sleep. Proper edge support is also important, so you don’t feel like you’re about to roll off the edge. If you share a bed with someone, consider their sleep style and make sure that the mattress has good motion separation.

Use fresh smelling sheets

Do you sometimes sense something amiss in the air? Well, it might not be all in your head. Know that people get more excited to go to bed in sheets with a fresh scent. Purchasing an essential oil diffuser can help you relax and creates calming energy in your room. You might also want to be selective with the art and colors on your walls and avoid images that show aggression. Blue, beige, green and other earth tones are best for the bedroom.

Give your room a digital detox

Electronics in the bedroom are a big distraction from having a good sleep. So if you must have a TV, schedule a timer to shut it off every night at a certain hour. Invest in a good alarm clock instead of using your smartphone so you avoid checking email, Instagram, Facebook and news alerts.

By Damilola Faustino

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