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Written By Damilola Faustino

Dressing inappropriately does not only make onlookers uncomfortable but also makes you appear unprofessional and unfashionable. Sometimes, it is not your fault. You simply do not know that you have crossed the fashion line. Whatever the case maybe, we highlight signs that you are inappropriately dressed:

You pair more than two attires together

In certain cases, mixing prints of different attires can yield stylish results. But you are overdoing it if you combine stripes, plaid, and paisleys in one outfit. Are you a masquerade that you are mixing every attire. Afterall, it is not a day for cloth or colour riot.

Your shorts or mini-skirts are shorter than your finger tips

You have a choice to wear whatever you like. However, if you wear shorts or mini-skirts that are shorter than your finger tip when you press your arms against your legs, it is inappropriate. You may look sexy but it does not make it deserving to adorn.

You unbuttoned more than one button

You should fasten all your buttons except one. This said, it may be unbearably hot and you may be tempted to unhook two or more buttons. No need to this because nobody wants to see your chest hair. This is same for ladies.

Your clothing is simply too tight

Wearing fitted clothes is not a bad idea. But when it is too tight that you cannot even walk or you become uncomfortable, you are poorly dressed.

Your belt does not match your shoes

This is the simplest clue that you are poorly dressed. Your shoe and belt must always match. It is even better to never tuck in your shirt if you know that you cannot match both fashion accessories.

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