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By Damilola Faustino

Many Nigerians now own gas cookers at home for their convenience and environmentally friendliness. But, the rising prices of cooking gas have been hurting the economics of every household, hence, the need to save gas. Below are tips on how to save cooking gas:

cooking pot gas

Gather all ingredients before cooking

Gathering all the raw materials and ingredients before starting the gas is a good way to make sure that no gas is wasted. Rather than hunting for ingredients while the burner is on, it is more useful to first keep all the ingredients at hand before you start cooking.

Wipe utensils dry before placing them on a burner

This is one of the most common mistakes committed by almost everyone that can make a difference between saving and wasting gas. The utensils which have some amount of water droplets inside them consume more gas for the water to get evaporated. Wiping the utensils dry with a damp cloth before placing them on the burner can go a long way.

Do not overcook

Gas cookers are very good at processing food. This raises the possibility of food being overcooked. This is not good for both the food and your gas as overcooking can kill the nutrients in the food along with wastage of gas.

Use a pot that covers the burner

In order to save gas, always use a pot that covers the burner entirely for efficient cooking and optimal usage of gas. Using a small bottom pan over a large burner would only increase wastage as the flames that reach the side of the utensil are not useful in cooking and are only increasing wastage.

Cook on low flame

Cooking on a low flame is one of the best ways to make sure that the food retains it nutrition content and never gets overcooked. Cooking on low flame also makes sure that gas is not wasted. Once the pan gets heated you can reduce the gas to a low flame to allow for gas savings.

Avoid leaks

Checking for any apparent leak is one of the best ways to make sure that no amount of gas gets wasted in any way. Keep a check on the regulator, the pipe, and burner for small leakages that can easily develop with time and can go unnoticed.

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