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For decades art was stolen from African museums, but now, Congolese collector Sindika Dokolo is bent upon retuning these stolen works.

Sindika Dokolo

According to him, “We repatriate African art to museums in Africa. African art is our history, our identity, our dignity. My History didn’t start in 1482, the 1st time a Portuguese explorer set eyes on a subject of the Kongo Kingdom.
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I was there before, I was there all along.”

So far, his foundation, The Sindika Dokolo Foundation has acquired and returned 20 pieces out of the 1,000 identified stolen pieces.

He says, “African art is our history, our identity, our dignity.”

The Sindika Dokolo Foundation was set up in 2006 to help develop African culture and promote contemporary African artists and their art to the world.

The #GiveBackOurArt repatriation movement is a personal initiation to bring back the pride and history of African culture to young and older generations.

The #GiveBackOurArt repatriation movement comes on the heels of Dokolo’s latest exhibition, “Incarnations: African Art As Philosophy” July to October 2019 at the Centre for Fine Arts, also known as BOZAR, in Brussels.

Co-curated with South African artist Kendell Geers, the exhibition seeks to showcase the diversity of African art through an Afrocentric point of view.

Click here to Listen To Dokolo.

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