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Ghen ghen.

So there is this musician who believes she is so “real” that her sex partners always come back for more.

Sista Afia

Sista Afia, who is the singer of ‘jeje’, among other songs, said during an interview on Hitz FM, that she ensures that a contract is signed before she has sex with men she was not dating, so that they won’t drag her into an unwanted relationship.

sista-afia-2-433x650However, they still end up falling for the endowed artiste.

Afia explained that the contract was to state clearly that having sex with the man does not make him her boyfriend or indicate that they were now in a relationship.

However, her realness always drew the men back to her.

sista afia

Hear her: “I just want the guy to serve my needs but the relationship will be out of the plan. Most guys like real girls and I’m 100% real so that is the reason why they want to be with me after our encounter but I don’t want to lose myself”.

She added that she decides when to discard a man and get another one. “It all depends on the type of guy, when I feel like they need to be disposed of”.

Errmm, who else wants to be “real”?

Written by Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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