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Written by Oluwatoyin Adeleye

So Instagram has been abuzz with persuasions for rapper, Falz the Bahd Guy to get married, since he recently posted a photo of himself cooking in his kitchen.

Now, Falz has a response for his fans, saying he is actually searching for a woman, but it has not been easy.

Falz says most women he has come in contact with are gold diggers, who only want him to achieve their selfish means. None truly loved him for who he was.

See all he said in his signature, comical accent below:

When it comes to issue lof girlfriend, somebody assuming to hearthrob, it’s difficult. Because, naturally, nowadays most of the girls on the online or ones you met in real life… they want toe come close toe you because they wish that okay, what they can got from you is something else.
Eez not somebody that really appreciates you for who you really are and that’s what I’m searching for but it’s difficult to found.
This is because, the ladies that come close to me, anytime that they see me maybe they want to record a snapchat, they want to paste me on the online because what they want to get from me, maybe they want to use me toe popular.
Buh I’m looking for somebody that truly, genuinely have a true feeling for me. As I am like this, it’s very difficult. I’m still searching.

Falz is just so hilarious.

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