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Twitter has gone agog with #WeMetOnTwitter, as couples have been sharing how their current successful relationships started off on twitter.

Contrary to the opinions of critics who are against “sliding into DMs”, these couples have defied the odds of fantasy social media relationships and they are proud to show it off.

Many confessed they sent direct messages (DM), while for some others, a retweet was all it took for a spark to take root.

This may be proof to start taking the social media more seriously, especially #Acceleratetv.

Check out inspiring #WeMetOnTwitter tweets below…

Screenshot_20170215-164932 (2)

Screenshot_20170215-164946 (2)

Screenshot_20170215-165036 (2)

Screenshot_20170215-165105 (2)

Screenshot_20170215-165117 (2)

Screenshot_20170215-165126 (2)

Screenshot_20170215-165315 (2)

Screenshot_20170215-165406 (2)

Screenshot_20170215-165423 (2)

Screenshot_20170215-165431 (2)

Screenshot_20170215-165449 (2)


Screenshot_20170215-165604 (2)

Screenshot_20170215-165622 (2)

Screenshot_20170215-164538 (2)

Screenshot_20170215-164639 (2)

Screenshot_20170215-164717 (2)

Screenshot_20170215-164745 (2)

Screenshot_20170215-164822 (2)

Screenshot_20170215-164852 (2)

Screenshot_20170215-164919 (2)

Written by Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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