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Here’s why we’re loving Sissy Remi- Nigerian fashion and culture is unique and attractive, making good use of our cultural heritage. The culture of people in Nigeria is greatly affected. But Nigerian clothing truly reflects its diverse ethnic culture around the world. And they struggle to wear their attire and accessories that go with them because it has a special meaning to them. It is a symbol of respect unto their culture.




Some of materials used to prepare dresses in Nigeria are: Adire, Lace, Dry lace, French lace, Etu, Ankara, Kente, Guinea, Aso Eko, tye and dye.

Sissy Remi’s collection called ‘CULTURED LADY’ shows that some of the accessories can be made from our locally made materials such as Ankara and aso oke which she featured in this collection. The collection embodies the essence of being a lady and the vibrancy of the Yoruba culture. It was put together for women who want to embrace their femininity, adorn their culture and have access to instant sophistication and class




The collection features different types of Aso Oke and fabrics including Etu, Takunsi, Silk Aso Oke and Chiffon.

The collection features Avant-Garde-ish headpieces in bold styles. Inspired by the creative director’s mum Chief (Mrs) Oluremi Olukoya‘s style and carriage as the First Lady/Wife of Former Military Governor of Old Ondo State from 1990 – 1992, the pieces were crafted from ‘Aso-Oke’.




Fashion is the basic fabric of society. Even if you do not like following fashion trends, you have to admit that there’s something to be said for a particular style of clothing and accessories that can move millions of people around the world to dress in it.


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Photography: @stylesquadng

Models: @fluxarts7, @adaeze_

Makeup: Alheri Adamu for @stylesquadng

Designer: @sissyremi01

Location: @studio24lagos